B4  virus detector strip  |  2017
WHAT   B4 is a virus detector strip which will show if you have an active virus in your body. Used to help prevent infecting others.
WHY   It can take about 24 hours from being exposed to a virus until you get symptoms. During those 24 hours you can be spreading the virus, infecting others without knowing. If you knew you were infectious you could isolate and help prevent the spread to you co-workers, family and friends.
HOW    B4 is meant to be a part of your daily routine, like brushing your teeth. Just before brushing your teeth in the morning you take a strip, put some saliva on it and wait for 30 min to get an answer. If the strip turns blue, it means you could be infectious and therefore should stay home. It comes in two packages, one bigger dispenser to have at home with 31 strips. The other one is a package with 5 strips for checking your infectiousness throughout the day, small enough to bring with you.
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