Bongo  the lounge chair without screws  |  2021
BONGO is a simple, sustainable and functional chair in bent veneer and leather. It is designed with the future in mind and was an entry in the Bolia Design Awards  2021.
SIMPLICITY is one of the cornerstones of Scandinavian culture and is strongly reflected in design. The geometric shape together with a taut skin, creates this simple expression with classic materials.
The ENVIRONMENT is an important part of design. Not only what environment it is meant to be in, but also how it affects the environment and our climate. Bongo is made of only three materials, wood, leather and linen thread. These are three durable natural materials that gets better and more beautiful over time. As no glue or screw is needed, it is easy to replace or repair a part if it should wear out.
FORM FOLLOWS FUNCTION, as they say. The soft rounded shape promotes well-being and comfort. It is also a natural form to stretch leather on, like a drum hence the name Bongo. To create stability, a rule is required between the ends of the veneer board. Something that was taken advantage of through the shelf under the seat. This opens up the possibility of storing the book you are reading or the blanket that may be needed in the often cold Scandinavian climate.
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