Fó  the analog oat milker  |  2020
WHAT   Fó is the most simplified and sustainable kitchen utensil designed to make homemade oat drinks. Analogous, without packaging and long transport.
WHY   Some of today’s mass-produced foods require advanced packaging, refrigerated storage, and long transport resulting in harmful emissions. When they are actually really easy to make at home in your kitchen, with ingredients you often already find in your pantry. Oat milk is one of those foods included in that category, with simple means you can make homemade oat milk competing with the store-bought quality. The purpose of Fó is to draw attention to the food industry’s climate footprint and the power of the individual’s action.
HOW    By removing unnecessary packaging, large refrigerated storage and long transports you lower the CO2 footprint to a minimum. The three pieces contains one glass container, one blending lid and one strainer lid.  All parts are separable, if any part would wear out or break, this allows you to change it out for a new part and recycle the old one. You can use the excess oats for baking, natural plant fertilizer or for making homemade müsli. Nothing should go to waste!
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