Njutbar  the modular thermos  |  2018
WHAT   Sunika is a sneaker made out of recycled denim, designed to fit the Axel Arigato brand. The materials are incorporated in a circular economy, making it more sustainable than the average sneaker.
WHY   Fuguang is one of the world’s largest manufacturer of drinkware products located in China. During the fall of 2018 they arranged a design competition with the brief ‘design a new thermos for the company Fuguang’. In our research we found that the Scandinavian aesthetics was trending and a strong selling point on the Chinese market at the time, especially with the younger crowd. Therefore, we decided to continue working on the design to make it fit Fuguang’s sub-brand FGA, who targets ‘the youthful and energetic’. The younger consumers lifestyle can look very different and vary a lot day-to-day, by having that in mind it resulted in modularity.
HOW    Njutbar comes in two different sized containers, 320 ml and 480 ml, and it comes in two different materials, glass and a combination of stainless steel/biodegradable bamboo plastic. There’s four different lids to choose from, one for cold beverages, one for on-the-go, one for sports and an insulated lid. The thermos comes in five beautiful colors. All parts are universal and sold separately which gives the customer the opportunity to really be creative and mix-n-match any way they prefer.
team work  |  product design  |  digital sketching   |  3D-modeling  |  rendering  |   animation   |