RAM   storage system |   2022
WHAT   A modular storage system for longevity.
WHY   In this project, the intention was to question today’s furniture consumption and create furniture with longevity in mind. Explore the possibilities of designing furniture that would grow with you through life to avoid needing to buy new in different stages of life.
HOW   The project resulted in a storage system called RAM that can adapt once the system becomes too small/big, it can easily be up-/downscaled. It opens up the possibility for the user to adjust the size of the system to the current living situation, from a student flat to a family home or vice versa. The storage interior consists of shelves, room dividers, cabinets, secretaries, and drawers that enable users to customize the system to their current needs.
We designed a twisting hook to smoothly place the interior into the profiles, which also functions as the main construction to keep the storage system stable. RAM’s modularity allows the user to design the system according to personal taste and needs freely.
Sustainable design strategies have been applied in the design process, creating a long-lasting design solution that contributes to a circular economy. In addition, RAM provides a service allowing the user to buy spare parts and offer repairs to prolong the product’s lifetime. The aim is to save material resources and prevent users from throwing away fully functional material.
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